Seasons Change

Beginning and ending new seasons can be such a roller coaster. Well this is the start of a new season for me and my husband. Almost 2 years of marriage down and another move is in progress, which really shouldn’t be surprising because we’ve moved every year since graduating college (thats 4 years now)! But here i am again, in the chaos of a move, surprised at where God is placing us. It’s going to be quite the transition this time around. We currently rent a small two bedroom house, and will be moving into a extra small 550 sq ft studio apartment in LA! Oh the joys of living the LA life lol.

Life can get tricky when new seasons come and go. I find myself fighting the tears while also exuding excitement for each new thing along the way. “God’s timing is always the best” is said time and time again, but actually believing that and being at peace with that is an entirely different thing. With every new season comes change. This move is forcing us to simplify our lives but maybe that’s exactly what our relationship needs right now. God knows the plan and we are just along for the ride!

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”  –Ecclesiates 3:1


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