DIY Dog Crate

Out with the Old and in with the New!

We have officially moved and are finally settling in to our new studio space! It was definitely a challenge at first. We had to figure out how to organize and really simplify our daily living for the space we moved in to! BUT we did it. Nearly a week later than I expected to post, but I am so happy with how this crate turned out!

We originally had a huge outdoor crate that we used indoors for both of our dogs, and let me tell you….it was an eye sore! Although it was very functional it was not what I wanted to see every day.


So I started researching “cute dog crates” on pinterest and google to see where I could buy one that was functional, could fit 2 small dogs, and {most importantly} COST EFFICIENT!! Well it turns out, that any crate that I like was $300-$600! WAY to much for our budget. That’s when I decided to make one myself. How difficult could it be?? Most pictures were repurposed furniture items that had a crate like opening for the dogs. That’s when the search was on, and this is what I found!

I searched all the discounted home stores (TJmaxx, Marshalls, Ross, Home Goods) with no luck. Everything was still way more than I wanted to spend. Then I started looking at yard sales and estate sales. That’s when I hit the “potential” jackpot. the perfect sized furniture piece for only $45. It was going to take some work, but it was just what I had in mind.

The process:

  • Decide what color I wanted to paint or stain it
  • Upgrade the hardware
  • Turning the doors into a breathable crate like door

Luke and I talked about what would look best and the style we wanted to go with. I toyed with the idea of using a “pop of color” but ultimately decided if we want it to work in any of our future homes, simplicity would be best!

The next steps:

  • Sanding the entire piece
  • Paint the bottom portion white
  • Stain the top
  • Cut the center of the doors and replaced them with chicken wire
  • Spray paint original hardware (to save money)




Overall the project was very simple and took us three days to complete, but with the holidays, moving, and work thrown into the mix the three days of work were spread out over three weeks! Adulting right?! The final project turned out perfectly!! Let me know your thoughts!




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