14-20 Week Update

We have officially reached the half-way point! The second trimester has been amazing! I have been feeling great, re-energized, and more normal 🙂 It has been a rough on and off again with working out, but I try VERY hard to at least do 3 days a week! The most exciting part about these past couple weeks is finding out our sweet babe is a GIRL! Every Ultrasound we have gotten she has been SUCH a wiggly little worm! So much so we have had to go back to get more measurements because she just wouldn’t stay still long enough for a good picture lol. Lucky us! We just got to see our girl two times in one week!

Naming Our Little Girl: 

Before our gender reveal we were set on several names, both boy and girl. After the reveal the name we originally had just didn’t seem to fit our little girl anymore. It was an inner struggle of absolutely loving the name, and feeling like something wasn’t right. When people said it, I just couldn’t picture that being her name. I told Luke and we started brainstorming different names. We came up with a solid list of girl names based on famous musicians. I loved the idea of having a subtle theme with all our kids names! Once we came up with the list we focused on one name each night and slept on it. After a couple weeks we decided we loved the name Henley. Henley came from the artist Don Henley (drummer/singer) from The Eagles.

Choosing her middle was a bit of a challenge because we wanted it to have some meaning behind it, but also wanted it to flow well. One afternoon, I was laying out by the pool and I started to feel her little flutter kicks. It was the best feeling ever!! Since that day Luke and I have called her our ray of sunshine! Luke had the idea of Rae, and it just seemed to fit perfectly for our sunshine girl! Ever since that day, I have felt her fluttering around every time the warm sunshine hits my belly <3


How far along? 20 weeks

Due date? August 20, 2018

Gender? IT’S A GIRL! 

Any cravings? The initial cravings of candy have kind of faded! I haven’t noticed any new cravings emerge either. It has been more about “oh that sounds good” in the moment!

Aversions? Still not loving cooked veggies but will eat them on occasion (if i don’t think about the smell lol). Sushi and Southern BBQ are also off the list after they didn’t settle well with my stomach).

Showing yet? I am definitely sporting a cute little bump! I absolutely love seeing this grow! Little bump date progress below!


  • Sharon kitchen

    Can’t wait to meet our little Rae of sunshine!☀️☀️☀️ Especially, I’m happy for you and this wonderful time in your life! I can tell you’re both enjoying every minute! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Elissa

    So happy for you two .
    Definitely know the struggle when you love a name but it doesn’t feel right for your baby .

    I love you Henley Rae, Auntie Elissa can’t wait to meet you 💝
    You keep growing strong sweet face😘

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