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How is your pregnancy going?!

This is a constant question I have been getting (along with every pregnant woman out there). I always answer honest. My pregnancy has been amazing! Physically I have had very little nausea, some tossing and turning at night to get comfortable with my growing belly, back pain starting to come but nothing any other pregnant woman doesn’t handle during pregnancy! Pregnancy takes a toll on everyone’s body, and I feel so lucky and blessed to have had such a great healthy pregnancy so far, and I am hopeful that continues!

But there are those fears and negative thoughts that often drift through my mind. When these thoughts that come into my mind, I think WHY?! Why am I so fearful of what I have wanted for so long. The transition from wife to mom is what I think about the most. The thoughts of, will I be able to continue to be the wife I have been to Luke, as well as balance what it takes to be the mom I have always pictured myself to be? During each season of my life, I have learned to balance and prioritize, but learning to balance life as a wife and mom seems so scary!

I have had such confidence in the idea of becoming a mom. I have never been worried about being a mom because I have nannied for so many years. Being a mom has never scared me because of all the kids that I have cared for. Each nanny position has taught me many of the skills I have needed to feel confidant in taking care of babies, but nannying has always been my job. It has been something I juggled as a separate part of Luke and I. My job has never interfered with my relationship with Luke. My husband has always superseded my nanny positions. As a mom this task becomes tricky. It is my responsibility (and job) to balance the life as mom, wife, and friend.

I pray daily for God to give me the strength and guidance to be all that I am meant to be for my family. I hope being transparent about my feelings and fears during pregnancy will help others when they have fears! not knowing the future can be scary, but God is always in control! Luke and I have learned this with just becoming pregnant! So much was against us and we were not even trying! Our plan to start a family was completely out of our control just like any other future plans! These fears I have are real, but God provides comfort to my fears easing them day by day, preparing me to be the best Mom and Wife I can be <3


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  • Leslie

    I am confidant you are going to be a wonderful mommy to my grand babies! I am so very proud of you ! You have grown into a wonderful woman of God. Always Put God as your center & He will lead you. You will have bumps & detours & flat tires, but He will never forsake you. It can get hard & will get hard, but don’t lose your sight of God & don’t lose hope! God loves you! I love you & I love Henley already so much!

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