10 Facts About Me

  1. I have a tattoo
    • A trip to San Fran for my 23rd birthday and an impulse decision later I ended up with a small heart on my ankle.
    • I would say it barely counts as a tattoo!
    • I don’t regret it at all but I have said one and done since that 30 seconds of needle time haha (and I still stand by that)
  2. I have had 4 knee surgeries 
    • Senior year of high school I tore my left ACL playing soccer. The following 2 years I re-tore it 2 more times during cheer practice.
    • The third time I tore it the surgeon decided to do a 2-step procedure making the grand total of 4 surgeries.
    • Thank goodness I married a man who became a Physical Therapist!!
  3. I love all things interior design. My dream job would be organizing and decorating homes! 
    • It is a little weird how much enjoyment I get out of pure organization. I feel like my home is completely organized but still organize the organized haha!
    • When I feel overwhelmed or anxious it helps calm me and settle my mind 🙂
  4. I have a Masters degree in PsychologyIMG_3350.JPG
    • I still can’t believe I accomplished this in life! School is definitely not my favorite and it was NOT easy for me! SCHOOL IS HARD and I have so much respect for those in it and those who have graduated with any type of degree!
  5. Coffee runs in my blood
    • I am such a Starbucks junkie, and I know it is so cliche but I can’t help loving my go-to orders!
    • Recently started branching out to coffee bean and other small shops around LA.
  6. I love all things summertime!img_2693.jpg 
    • The hot weather, the beach, pool, BBQs,
  7. I can not have enough candy. Pregnant or not I will never say no to sour or fruity candies! 
    • All time favorites are: Sour Patch kids, Sour punch straws, starbursts, skittles, and red vines.
  8. I laugh way to hard at my own jokes! 
  9. I am a night owl all the way! 
    • Anyone close to me will tell you, I am undoubtedly a grumpy morning person lol
  10. FINALLY, I asked Luke for one fun fact about me that you all may not know….his answer: YOU’RE CRAZY! 
    • Honestly he’s right haha but I think everyone has crazy in them!
    • Probably because I annoyingly love him too much! (sorry not sorry)
    • Loving him too much is one of my favorite things to do

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