21-26 Week Update

The second trimester has flew by, and I have heard entering the third trimester is where life slows down! I have also experienced some weird normal pregnancy symptoms, and some other amazing experiences! Henley has been moving ALL over the place ALL throughout the day and night! She is growing so big and strong. Her monthly updates and ultrasound are the days I look forward to the most 🙂 Her last appointment she was kicking so much the Dr was surprised!

Luke also felt Henley move during these past 5 weeks! We see her little kicks on the outside of my stomach too! I love reading the updates of how she’s growing in my bump apps! Isn’t it crazy she can already hear our voices?! I have also experienced a few Braxton Hicks contractions. Its such a weird feeling! My whole stomach tightens for several seconds then releases! Getting ready for those real contractions in just 13 weeks!

I am now starting a list of MUST HAVES for my hospital bag! Any suggestions are more than welcome! 

How far along? I am now 27 weeks! This is an update of my last 5 weeks 🙂

Maternity Clothes: I have recently been living in summer body con dresses and workout type clothes! I have purchased limited maternity clothes to try and save money! two pairs of jeans from target on clearance, a pair of shorts from motherhood at 50% off and two maternity body con dresses! My goal is to not buy any other maternity clothes! Lets hope it works lol

Any cravings? I still haven’t noticed any cravings arouse but I do eat a lot more often! I have found eating small portions every 2 hours helps manage that hunger, plus it doesn’t make me feel overly full!

Aversions? Sushi and Southern BBQ are still off the list after they didn’t settle well with my stomach).

Showing yet? Large and in charge!! I have currently gained 17 pounds and am on track to continue a healthy pregnancy with a healthy girl.

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