27-32 Week Update

I am now at the point in pregnancy where I am ready for her to be here! I have been told by several people that once you hit the 30 weeks mark life moves in slow motion because there is so much excitement and anxiousness in the arrival of baby, and they were 100% correct! Weeks have been going by much slower, and I am trying my best to enjoy the last weeks of not sharing this girl, but I am so excited for all our family and friends to love on her!

How far along? I am now 32 weeks! This is an update of my last 5 weeks 🙂

How big is Henley? This girl is now about 4 pounds and the size of a head of romaine lettuce! She is fully developed inside and out! Now its time for her to gain some cute chunky cheeks and little leg rolls before her debut!

Any cravings? Luke would say I always want in n out, but who doesn’t?! lol I also love frozen yogurt, frozen grapes, popsicles, basically anything frozen!

Sleep? What is sleep?! lol God definitely planned pregnancy is prep for the changes life brings when baby arrives. I wake up about 3 times a night and sometimes can’t get comfy to go back to sleep for an hour!

How am I feeling? I have been feeling great! Now that I am in the third trimester I am getting those typical symptoms: back aches, less sleep, eating more, major heartburn, and overall being more tired than usual, but really nothing to complain about!

Weight Gain? I am now up 25 pounds. Not going to lie pregnancy is no joke when it comes to your body changing. Its been the biggest adjustment for me. I have had such an easy low key pregnancy, but it still doesn’t mean that its been easy mentally. I have really been challenged to accept my new body the way it is and what it is doing! Growing a little miracle is such a beautiful thing, but it also doesn’t feel like it is my own body! I defiantly can’t wait to have my body back and for my beautiful girl to be in my arms instead of growing in me!


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  • Sharon kitchen

    I too can’t wait for Henley….so take care of her for a few more weeks, then we’ll get to cuddle❤️ You are doing great!

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