Parents Downstairs Reveal

Last year my parents’ kitchen suffered a water leak creating a lot of damage to the cupboards and floors! My parents decided it was the perfect time to update the downstairs kitchen AND living area. My mom loves the farmhouse style and asked for my help to decorate and design! I was SO excited! We got started with ideas, concepts, pictures from Pinterest, and slowly started the design process.

Some before and after pictures with explanations on design below!


When entering my parents house, one immediately sees the stairway as well as the open concept family room to dining room.

Creating a gallery wall was one of the “must haves” for my mom. She loves displaying all her family photos, and the stairwell was the perfect spot for this to make a dramatic but home-y entry. All frames were purchased from TjMaxx, Marshals, Ross, or yard sales (then spray painted).

The Living Room in my family’s home was constantly changing. When they first moved in, it was a formal seating area. As we got older it turned into a game room for all the cousins, and then slowly became a room of nothing but random items.

This transformation made SUCH a difference to the entrance of their home! We usually gather in this room for holidays, birthdays, and other big events where family and friends are over! My mom wanted to have an established feel for the home when walking in! My favorite part is the large wooden clock centered in the room!

Living Room: Before
Living Room: After

In the family room my dad covered the back wall with shiplap, as well as got a custom built in cabinet for more storage! I absolutely love the farmhouse decor pieces my mom and I found (mostly at Tjmaxx and Marshalls)

Family Room: Before
Family Room: After

HELLO new kitchen!! All white looks so dreamy! My mom also wanted a pop of color and decided to go with a gray/blue island cabinets! The contrast looks great against the white and gray floors!

Kitchen: Before
Kitchen: After

Going through the kitchen into the laundry room and guest bathroom. We unfortunately do not have before pictures, but I love the way the “after” came out.Adding more shiplap to incorporate the look throughout the downstairs, as well as painting the laundry room cabinets! The original cabinets were the same as the “before” kitchen

All shiplap, flooring, and tiling was done by my dad (WAY TO GO DAD!)

I absolutely love decorating and I have more projects to come!

If you want to know where specific items are from please comment!! 


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  • Leslie

    Awe! I love my house now! It was so dark & plain & had no style. Now it’s very bright & light with a theme. Carly helped so much with all the decor & placement of everything & which colors to incorporate, in which I’m terrible at. She has the knack for all that! And she told me to get that big clock in the living room in which I love!

    I also custom ordered a few of the signs from Etsy & Hobby Lobby was another great place for lots of the farm pieces. I ordered rugs from Wayfair & Home Depot! She introduced me to TJMax , Marshall’s & Homegoods in which I had no idea they had such nice decor!

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