Top Picks for my Pregnant Summer Wardrobe

Being pregnant during the summer was actually not as bas as I expected.  I don’t know if I owe that to LOVING warm weather, or expecting the absolute worse and it not being as bad as others have said. That being said, I found some great go-to items that were non-maternity! These items got me through the heat of the summer PLUS were so comfortable every week of my pregnancy!

Here are my top picks for a summer wardrobe!

For Reference:

  • Height: 5’6”
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Pre-pregnancy average size 3/5 or 26/27/28 in bottoms
  • Pre-pregnancy average size S/M tops

Old navy Lux tanks: I wore a size Medium-it was a looser fit before the belly but I was able to knot it up, and tuck it in, and as my belly grew it covered every inch!

Old navy linen shorts: I chose a size small. They have a drawstring, so I could easily tighten or loosen them as I got bigger throughout pregnancy. They are SO comfortable and I probably wore them 3 times a week (whether I want to admit that or not lol) IMG_6335

T-shirt dresses: I couldn’t find the exact link for the ones I have (I have had them for several years now) but linked are some other great ones SUPER similar! Target has some amazing options, T-shirt dresses are flowey and loose fitting so you get all the breeze! Old navy  has some amazing non-maternity options, and they always have sales! I also love that they sell sizes in tall! Most of these dresses I got a size Medium.

Body con dresses: I found most of mine at forever 21 -SHOW THAT BUMP OFF and be confident in your changing body! The one thing I looked for when getting a body con dress (or any dress) during pregnancy is length. Remember you’re belly is going to shorten your hem as it grows! I always went for dresses that hit my knee and by the end of pregnancy they were about an inch or so above the knee. A few of my favorite are linked below!

  • My baby shower dress. I got so many questions about this one! It was a simple body con that I paired with a kimono! I also bought this in black! It was super easy to layer too! Use a t-shirt or tank and knot it up above your belly! I wore a size Medium for reference!
  • This one is adorable, and similar to a white and orange striped dress I wore a lot.

The only items I bought maternity were Target Maternity jeans! I wasn’t a fan of the “over belly” so these were the perfect pairs. I loved the distressed look, and they were stretchy and comfy!

Finally, I lived in comfy cotton shorts, sports bras, and cotton tanks. In no way was this the cutest option, but once I stepped into my house from the outside world it was my go too!

Whatever outfits you decide to wear during pregnancy make sure you’re showing off that growing bump! I absolutely loved when people knew I was growing a miracle! Pregnancy comes with so much body change, and it was hard on me at times because I thought about “what my body would be postpartum” “would I be able to lose the weight?” “will I ever look how I used to look?” so many questions that popped in my mind that made me think negatively at times during my pregnancy. Then I had to stop and remember, my body is changing for purpose! to grow, nourish, and protect our perfect girl! So be confident in whatever shape that belly takes, and remember it is all for that precious babe!




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