33-38 Week Update

They say once you hit 30 weeks, pregnancy slowssss wayyy down!! Let me tell you, IT IS THE TRUTH! Writing this post at 38 weeks, and boy do I have to work on my patience. It is so hard going day to day knowing how close I am to meeting our sweet girl! I try and make one outing a day to break up my day, but I still am in constant thought of, oh theres a contraction, oh is my water gonna break, is she coming tonight, the list goes on and on! All I can really know is I am another week closer, and no one is pregnant forever! lol

How far along? 38 weeks! (39 weeks tomorrow)

Maternity Clothes: I literally live in comfy shorts, sports bras, and tank tops! I still wear body con dresses, and t shirt dresses when doing errands and going out to dinner, but once my feet enter my house, the clothes are immediately changed! I recently wrote a post on my go-to items for a summer pregnancy! 

Any cravings? Oh man!!! I literally always want ice cream and sweets. Its an issue. Every time I enter the grocery store I buy another quart of ice cream, or more ice cream bars! Luckily I have a supportive husband who can’t help himself when its in the freezer either haha!

Aversions? I will now eat anything and everything.

Showing yet? If people don’t know I am pregnant, then I think thats a different concern lol. I have currently gained 28 pounds and I have had a great healthy pregnancy, with a healthy growing girl!

I have been getting a lot of contractions lately but non are consistent enough to head into the hospital! fingers crossed they come soon!!

Any guesses on when she will be born??

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