Henley Rae: One Month


This was by far the fastest month with our sweet babe! It was full of firsts & learning. She truly lit up our life with endless smiles and lots of snuggles. I can not believe she is now almost 3 months (yes I am already behind in her updates-only because I don’t want anytime away from her). She has already changed so much from the moment we welcomed her into the world!

Henley Rae Esquerra

Weight: 8 pounds 9 ounces (53rd percentile)

Height: 20.28 in (39th percentile)

Head: 34 cm (9th percentile)


Henley is a great eater! From the first moment I held her, she latched on almost perfectly (which is such a blessing). At her 2 week appointment, the doctor wanted her to be eating every 2 hours until she reached her birth weight and boy did she reach & surpass that!  She now eats every 3 hours with sleeping long stretches in between!  


Henley is the happiest smiley baby! She literally was smiling from the womb! haha She loves being awake and social! She is starting to coo as well. She doesn’t mind tummy time is becoming super strong already. My little newborn is slowly changing before my eyes!  


This momma could not be more thankful for a great sleeper! Henley is now sleeping 4 hour stretches at night which is a life changer from the every 2 hours I had to wake her to eat before she reached her birth weight.  I have been following an Eat, Play, Sleep Schedule that has really helped me get a good routine going for Henley. Plus it really has helped me know what she needs when she starts getting fussy! She loves being swaddled up like a burrito and is now loving her paci (another lifesaver for me! because she doesn’t need to soothe nursing as much as she needed before-but I do still allow it at night just because it helps top her off for the night sleep stretch as well).  

Henley Rae you have brought so much joy to your momma and daddy! you have brought smiles to so many friends and family members as well. We can not wait to keep showing you off and seeing your personality grow! 


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