8 tips to make it through Postpartum Recovery-semi sane.

As a new mom I only expected the worst when it came to postpartum recovery. I had a lot of friends and family tell me their experiences, but just like pregnancy, no one has the same experience. So here is my experience and some products that I feel have helped this Postpartum journey be a bit easier!

1. Get Ready

The first (and most important to me) was making sure I semi got ready every day for the first month. I PROMISE you feel so much better about yourself if you do! Even if I didn’t leave the house, and even if I wore leggings and a nursing bra all day, I put some mascara on, brushed my hair, and made myself breakfast! I think this part of my recovery helped me not go crazy and feel gross. PP recovery makes you feel gross, dirty, and not yourself in any way, but the small things help bring YOU back!


2. Take a Shower

Get a shower in any time you can! I would take showers during Henley’s first nap of the day because it was her longest. I know this can be really tough for some new moms, but trust me! Showering even for a quick 10 min wash down/ and leg shave can make you feel like a new woman! Every shower didn’t mean washed hair (dry shampoo for dayssss) but it really helped refresh my mind and body!

3. Ice Packs

Okay girls ice packs were a life SAVER the first couple weeks of recovery. It helped numb the aches and pains of delivery and the coolness felt good and helped with swelling too! I used one every night for the first two weeks! (My hospital provided them, and I was able to take a bunch home with me from the hospital) You can also use instant ice packs! You can find them on amazon or at target.

4. SRC Recovery Leggings

Okay these compression leggings are amazing! I worn them almost daily the first 6 weeks  after giving birth! They suck everything in and add support to your back! I loved being able to help heal my body even though I wasn’t working out yet! After the 6 weeks I started wearing them while I worked out to help keep my posture and body positions good while working out! They are super comfy and I love how high they go, covering my entire mid section!


5. Get Out & Do Something

Whether it’s walking around the block, walking through the mall, or driving to meet friends, it’s amazing what some fresh air and adult interaction can do! As a new mom I can not stand to be home all day every day! I get cabin fever and have to get out haha! Some days I only get to take my dogs out but I try and wander target aisles, go get a smoothie for a little outing, or even just going over to someone else’s house! I think it has really helped me stay positive and in control of my emotions on this wild ride. Being able to confidently pack up Henley, get myself semi ready and head out has made me feel comfortable leaving often & Henley is pretty used to it too! (Besides the occasional -won’t stop screaming in the car- i have to pull over and calm her down- situations)


6. UpSpring Shrinx Belly Wrap

When I wasn’t wearing my leggings I would be wearing my belly wrap (or sometimes both!) this belly wrap aided in my posture big time. My back and abs and body felt so weak and would be so sore if I didn’t add support in some way. On the days I would need to get dressed I would throw on a flow shirt with my belly wrap underneath and be able to have support out and about as well!

7. Talk to People

Reach out! I’ve learned that SO many moms experience the same situations, the same emotions, and the same hard days! It’s okay to struggle and not know what to do, and having the support of friends, family, and even an Instagram community of moms is amazing!! Every babe is different so hearing how each mom has handled latching, sleeping habits (for you and babe) and just the overall life as a new mom is so helpful! Moms get the exhaustion, they get the “I want my body back”, and the understand the emotions of hard days. 


8. Take Time for Yourself

Finally, as hard as it may be, take time away from your babe. It healthy to treat yourself to some alone time! take a quick trip to the grocery store in between feedings, or get a workout in (once you are cleared). It really is amazing how refreshed you come back! Some days are hard and Henley doesn’t nap well or she is just cranky and it makes me a better mom to take a break for myself when Luke gets home sometimes. I come back a better mom because I took time to relax and breathe for a minute without interruption. 



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