Henley Rae: Two Months


Month two has brought so many firsts! Entering into the fall season, it was a blast bringing our girl along to the pumpkin patch & halloween festivities. She is growing and changing before my eyes and I don’t think that will ever stop! I absolutely love watching her learn and grow!!

Henley Rae Esquerra

Weight: 10 pounds 12.7 ounces (35th percentile)

Height: 23 in (73rd percentile)

Head: 37.6 cm (28th percentile)

{10.24.2018} Little Babe got her ears pierced


Henley is SUCH a good eater! We have introduced the bottle and she is doing great! It is nice that other people get the the chance to feed her! She basically chugs down any milk given to her haha! She is gaining weight slow and steady. She seems like such a petite girl compared to her younger cousins.


Henley is really the happiest baby & she is so easy to bring on adventures and enjoys being outside! She is quickly becoming a pro at tummy time and started rolling over (on accident) from her tummy to back! Her smiles are so contagious! You also have learned to “fake cough” It really makes us laugh! The dr said its one of the new sounds you have learned to make so you like experimenting with the sound! little faker haha!



Henley is continuously sleeping through the night! She is now sleeping about 5-6 hours waking up to eat, then goes back to sleep for another couple hours! She typically naps in her swing all swaddled up! She is still ovine her paci and has started grabbing onto it as well. Bu she hasn’t realized that when she grabs and pulls, it leaves her mouth, but we are working on it! lol

My Little Chicky Girl! You bring us so much joy! Your smile makes me and so many others smile. I hope your smile & personality continues to spread joy to everyone you meet! 



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