Henley Rae: Three Months


Henley is such a strong girl! She loves tummy time and is already rolling from tummy to her back, and surprises herself every time she does it! I am looking forward to watching Henley continue to develop new skills! She continues to fake cough her way through the day and it makes me laugh every time. Her cries are also starting to be different depending on her needs. She typically cries only when tired or hungry.  As we go into the Holiday season Henley will be able to meet more and more of her family!


Henley is now eating about 4 ounces every 3 hours. She guzzles down bottles like no one’s business! We have been struggling with breastfeeding (because she prefers the bottle) but she will still feed at night and early morning with me & that makes a tired mama happy! Henley has now spent some time visiting all her grandma’s so Luke and I can go on date nights! It has been so nice knowing we don’t have to worry about her eating while we are gone!




OH BOY! This girl is such a social bug! She is constantly wanting to be around people, facing people, and in everybody’s business! She has serious FOMO (fear of missing out) when I try to cuddle her and she can’t see anyone! She continues to roll from her tummy to her back- so tummy time is getting a bit more challenging! lol She has also rolled from her back to tummy (BUT it was for sure an accident because it hasn’t happened again since). She has also discovered her toes! She hasn’t quite been able to grab them but she stares very intently at them! She is now griping toys and putting them right into her mouth. Henley is also giggling! It is so cute and I look ridiculous doing anything I can to hear that girl giggle!


Henley is an angel! She sleeps from 8/9pm until 5/6am, will eat, then go back to sleep for another 2 hours or so! Naps have now become a bit more tricky! lol She is now the queen of cat naps and it has taken a toll on getting anything done around here! She is now also becoming pickier when it comes to going to sleep. She loves her paci, swaddle, one foot out, and likes to be put down to settle herself in her cradle! no more sweet snuggles to sleep! Sad day! I typically pick her up before I go to sleep and get some snuggles after she has fallen asleep though haha!


So many smiles and so many memories in the past 3 months. You are our sunshine!

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