Be My Valentine

I hope you all have an amazing day loving yourself, your family, and your friends! It is so important to Love yourself first! Every year I have grown to be okay with my insecurities and be confident in EVERY part of me. I am the type of person that like validity in my relationships. I am a super social outgoing girl, but I also have worried a lot about whether people like me or what they think of me. Over the past couple years I have learned to let this worry go. I have to realize I am who I am and people will love me for me, and if they don’t, they aren’t worth my time! haha! I have met so many girls that I admire because that don’t care, and they are so care free! Its how I aspire to be every day! I have been consistently shown myself “self-love” over these past few months and it has been amazing!!

Here are a few things I have done to show myself some LOVE!

  • Laugh it off: Don’t take everything personally.sometimes a joke is just a joke and it’s not directly aimed at you
  • Talk to more people: I get very nervous & awkward when around new people. The thoughts of “will they like me” always come into mind. But guess what?? WHO CARES if you stumble and it gets awkward because friends will get through it.
  • Take time for yourself: Do something every day, even if it is just five minutes, that makes you happy! On days where I am mommin’ hard I listen to my fav podcasts while I get ready. Henley is sometimes sleeping, or she’s sitting next to me, but it makes me happy!
  • Treat yo’ Self: For me this is grabbing coffee at new shops, getting my nails did, putting that self tanner on, or eating that pizza (if your girl doesn’t eat pizza, is she really your girl?!)
  • Be Body Positive: After having a baby I had to learn to really re-love my body. Yes I have lost the baby weight, but it doesn’t mean my body is back to what it was, but guess what?! Own it! You look damn good babes! Take pictures & selfies, stand tall, and be confident!

Little Love and I also took some cute Valentine Pics! I wanted to share them all in one place as inspo!


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