New Favorite Hair Products

I have recently discovered some new hair care products that I have been loving! I am a natural blonde and keeping the right tone is still important! My hair gets more “dirty blonde” throughout the winter as well become more brassy and during the summer it gets super dried out! All these products are 100% affordable can be found at Target!

  1. Kristin Ess Purple Shampoo & Conditioner
    • Call me late to the party but I just learned purple shampoo & conditioner is not just for color treated hair! I am a natural blonde and my hair will still get brassy during the winter months when the sun isn’t always shining! This stuff has changed my blonde hair game! I use a tiny bit bit mixed in with my normal shampoo and conditioner no more than once a week! I typically leave to conditioner in for a while during the rest of my shower.
  2. Not Your Mothers Blonde Moment Seal & Protect, Leave in 
    • I will typically use this on days I don’t use the purple shampoo. Its another “purple” leave in spray that always protects against heat!
  3. Kristin Ess Leave in Conditioner
    • This is my go to after every shower. It smells so good and helps me brush out my hair without a ton of tangles!
  4. Biotin Gummies
    • I have been taking these dummies for several years now! I absolutely love them! I stopped taking them during my pregnancy and while breastfeeding because I was taking prenatal vitamins instead, but I started taking the dummies gain and I 100% see a difference in not only my hair but also my nails.
  5. Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo-Plump for Joy 
    • Pretty sure I have tried 20 different dry shampoos and I keep going back to “Not your Mothers.” They have several types and “Plump for Joy” is my favorite! It adds a little texture and volume.
  6. Argan Oil
    • I used to use this stuff like it was going out of business, but since becoming postpartum my hair and skin has been out of control! My scalp is dry but day 3/4 my hair is already looking stringy and oily! I used to be able to go about 6/7 days with decent hair. So this oil is currently being used sparingly, but I focus on my ends after I dry and style.
  7. Wet Brush
    • I traded my brush for a wet brush and haven’t gone back. I love it for both wet and dry hair! It helps get through those tangles without ripping my hair out!
  8. Love, Beauty and Planet Shampoo & Conditioner
    • I just started using the Tea Tree Oil shampoo because of my dry scalp (losing all your hair postpartum at a rapid rate is no joke and my scalp can’t keep up causing it to be super dry) The Tea Tree Oil shampoo has really helped control the dryness! I also use the Rose scent conditioner which just smells AMAZING! It has helped add silkiness and overall look of healthy hair!

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