Coffee Shop Round Up 2

Calling all coffee addicts! I have visited 4 new Los Angeles shops & rounded them up for you! Some were the cutest of cute & others a total miss (based on the taste of their coffee).

Go Get em Tiger

2121 Lincoln Blvd, Venice

What I ordered: Honey and Lavender tea

This trailer looking Coffee shop is in the same center as some amazing Venice shops! The owners were SO nice and I loved that you could grab a coffee and walk around looking at all the gems these small business owners sell! My friend got the cutest sunnies, and if we owned a house We for sure would have gotten some backyard patio furniture!

Carrera Cafe

8251 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

What I ordered: Vanilla Latte w/ Almond Milk (it wasn’t good)

This cafe is so “insta-worthy” and I was so excited to see it in person! It didn’t disappoint in the vibe and picture worthy decor, but it definitely disappointed when it came to the taste of the coffee! It was watered down. It tasted like an iced coffee that you drank, the ice melted, then you took another sip…. exactly that haha! And it wasn’t just me! My two girls ordered chai lattes and they were just as watery! The outside wall was painted, and gets changed up every couple months! The lattes also have amazing pictures on top that you can choose! Overall it was super fun taking pictures but totally disappointed in the coffee!

Espresso Cielo

3101 Main Street, Santa Monica

What I ordered: Cold Brew w/ vanilla

The inside of this place is so cute! It is so bright and clean looking! I absolutely love the large clock & blue details! The cold brew was pretty good although I like starbucks better lol

Juicy Ladies

17361 W Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades

What I ordered: Cinnamon Oat Latte (I ordered with Coconut)

This place is so cute!! It has a view of the ocean + the most insta-worthy interior space & patio! I absolutely loved the couches on the patio along with the swing inside! My latte was so yummy and it was nice to switch it up. It wasn’t too sweet & if you like cinnamon I highly recommend it!

Super Domestic Coffee

10054 Culver Bvd, Culver City

What I Ordered: Iced Dirty Chai w/ Almond Milk

This shop was super delicious but oh so narrow & small! They are have a small bar stool area inside and two large benches out front! I also ordered an avocado toast that was so yummy & massive! The coffee and food made up for the small space!

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