What’s in my Diaper Bag

Okay, now that I am a mom, the diaper bag is an essential item to bring everywhere! Before having Henley I knew I wanted a diaper bag “backpack”. I thought they were more functional and I had found a lot of cute ones! Besides the obvious diaper, wipes, an extra outfit for blowouts, I wanted to share some of my must haves for Henley’s diaper bag!

There are several items I can’t leave the house without!

  • Backpack Diaper Bag: Coco & Kiwi Diaper Bag. This bag is so versatile. Not only is it a backpack, shoulder bag, and hand bag, It holds SO much! I swear it can double as a weekender bag-all while not feeling bulky at all.
  • Wild Bird Ring Sling: Henley never liked being tummy to tummy in my other wraps, but now that she’s older she loves facing out looking all around. I love this sling because the material is super soft (wash it several times and it keeps getting softer). I also love being hands free when getting around. backpack on sling on and still hands free!
  • Bangle & Babe : This keychain/bangle duo is a must for me. I know this isn’t baby related at all, but I literally lose my keys ALL the time! I think I say “I can’t find my keys?”, or “where are my keys?” 10 times a day! This Bangle Keychain is literally a lifesaver! It is big enough that I can find it easily digging through the diaper bag plus I can keep it on my wrist while getting stuff done (& again hands free).
  • Paci and Paci Clip: Yes, Henley does take a paci, and yes it is absolutely wonderful! She doesn’t typically want it unless she’s tired but its definitely something that helps soothe her to sleep when we are out and about. Now that she can put it in & take it out of her mouth the paci clip is a life saver! She can always find it and it never falls on the floor!
  • Thermos of Hot water: This is for all my formula fed babes! Henley is a picky milk drinker and only will typically only drink it warm. We have learned quickly to pack a thermos of water so that no matter where we are throughout the day we access to warm water.
  • And of Course the Obvious: extra clothes, formula, diapers, wipes, booty paste, a few other toys, and a small bag of bows, because why not!

The diaper bag has basically turned into my daily purse so a few smaller items are always in there. I typically keep these in the front pocket or in a small makeup bag inside where they are easily accessible!

  • chapstick
  • lotion
  • hand sanitizer
  • face powder (long days I will sometimes touch up my makeup)
  • a pen
  • a small travel perfume
  • portable phone charger

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    This is so informative blogs for newly mom and also a mom whos not know what to prefer and what diaper bag is a must. Thank you for Sharing! i hope i cn expirience that Coco and kiwi Backpack diaper bag.

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