Master Bedroom Makeover

I have been wanting to redo our Master Bedroom space since we moved last year, but with a new baby and a busy schedule it kept being put onto the bottom of my to-do list! I was completely on board to makeover the space when we teamed up with Puffy Mattress and upgraded our Queen bed to a California King! Puffy has been featured on The Ellen Show, The Talk, and was recently awarded Best Mattress of 2020 so we knew it would be a reliable choice. Luke is 6’4” and his feet hung off the queen bed, and as he flipped back and forth during the night, it was a constant battle for a good sleep. Since switching to Puffy, both of our sleeping habits have changed and I so excited to climb in bed after a busy day of work and chasing after Henley!

We ended up receiving our Puffy Lux Mattress a few weeks before our bed new bed frame, and we are so glad we did because it was the perfect transition into getting everything ready and reorganized.

The first design change I wanted to make was a new bed frame/headboard. I love the neutral color of our previous bed, but I wanted something more modern, minimal, and timeless. We ended up finding a brand through instagram ads called Thuma (not sponsered). They thrive off of simplicity yet sophisticated pieces. They are a newer brand that currently only sells “The Bed” but I am excited to see what they come out with next! I loved the solid wood frame that was also almost 10 inches off the ground (another must have for us when we were on the search) as well as the interchangeable colored headboard. We chose the cream, but Thuma also carries a beautiful grey color. The headboard also is not attached to the frame, so it creates an easy redesign if we wanted to again in the future! The fabric over the headboard is also removable and washable (and all my mommas said HECK YES!!!). This bed definitely set the tone for how I wanted our Master bedroom to feel and look!

We then re-organized the room to better suite our larger bed, and relocated our dresser and rug. We actually didn’t need to buy anything to makeover our space! Instead, I pulled items from different parts of the house to make our Master into a space I LOVED! We put our neutral colored rug at the foot of our bed, and added more plants to the dresser, and a palm next the window.

The only downside to our larger bed was the sacrifice of losing the space to have my full size mirror. We ended up putting it behind our dresser so it still shows the upper half and I love it! I ended up being okay to lose that because Henley’s room has full size closet mirrors. The final piece to to our room is finding some art above the bed, but I don’t want to rush. I want to find a piece that suites the space perfectly.

So here is our new Master Bedroom! I walk in and I feel so calm and organized! So excited to slowly makeover each room in our home!

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