Toddler Learning Activities

Finding fun, engaging, learning toys, has been a focus of mine lately with Henley soaking up so much information and learning at such a fast rate! Below are some of my favorite activities/toys that I have found!

  • Bloom Owl Customized Name Puzzle: I recently found @bloom.owl on Instagram and I was so excited to partner with them! Henley absolutely loves puzzles, and having a customized puzzle with her name was the perfect opportunity to teach her to recognize her name, learn the letters, and put some prep in to start spelling her name!
  • Flashcards: Flashcards are such a fun way to get your toddler engaged! Now that Henley is talking and recognizing so many objects and animals, having flashcards is a great way to keep learning new ones! She loves holding them and playing with them too! I will often show her a picture (lets say a spoon) and then ask her where are the spoons?! It keeps her active and thinking about real life opportunities!
  • Memory Card Games: Although we haven’t reached the memory part, I have turned the memory match into having Henley find the match while all the cards are faced up! I will often use different phrases to help her! Saying they are the “same” they “match” there are “two.” Switching up your verbal language will also help your toddler’s language grow and help them understand certain phrases are similar!
  • Write and Wipe Workbooks: I absolutely love these types of books for Henley. First off, they are re-usable, second they introduce shapes, letters, numbers, and other ideas to spark her thinking! I love seeing her not only see and recognize these items, but also attempt to trace or just scribble! haha! BUT it’s appropriate for her age, and making it fun and allowing her to be “control” is key!

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