What’s In My Diaper Bag | Toddler Edition

To be honest, I am a “pack only the necessities” kind of mom and it really has its benefits! I found that packing everything under the sun for “what if” moments made me feel overwhelmed & really weighed down..LITERALLY!

So what is in my diaper bag? Below are my toddler must haves!


Snacks on Snacks:

  • Honestly, this is my absolute number one when going anywhere these days! If Henley is hungry- our day is going to be full of grumpy tantrums that are driven by that hangry feeling we all get!
    • I found great stackable bento boxes at target! They are perfect for daycare and when we are on-the-go!
    • Go-to snacks: Granola bars, Fruit Strips, containers of apples, strawberries, carrots, mini PBJ sandwiches, turkey and cheese, crackers, and goldfish


  • Man can this girl guzzle water! I usually keep two kid friendly re-useable water bottles with us at all times. I got ours from Cotton On Kids on Clearance for $5!


  • This is obvious haha I feel like I never want to live without wipes!
  • BUT fingers crossed diapers will be off my pack list soon!

Change of Clothes:

  • Whether we are at the park, a target run, going to a friends, there is always a chance for spills, getting way to dirty, or diaper leaks.


  • Henley is growing out of the car toy stage , but loves books! I keep 2/3 books and rotate them every few days!

Sunscreen and Sunglasses:

  • Henley is in a “bright sun” “oh no sun” “eyes too bright” phase and sunglasses do just the trick!


  • wallet
  • sunglasses
  • water bottle
  • chapstick

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