Surrogacy: Birth Story

Knowing I was going to be induced at 39 weeks, week 38 was the longest week of my entire pregnancy! Mentally I was doing great but once I got that solid end date, my mind went from hanging on-to LET’S GOOO!

The night before I was induced, I don’t think I slept a straight 4 hours. Nerves, getting up to pee, the baby kicking, the excitement for the intended parents, everything was keeping me up! Finally, 7am Tuesday morning rolled around, and Luke and I went to the hospital to be admitted… 

8:30am: My Dr. met us there, and I was officially admitted. Upon arrival I was 3cm and 90% effaced.

10:30am: Pitocin was started

Because of Covid, we weren’t really sure if the parents were going to be able to be in the room to see the birth of their baby boy, BUT the hospital allowed them to be, and they joined us around 12:30pm and at the same exact time, I was standing up because I felt like I needed to pee. As I stood, I felt water dripping down my leg….I thought WOW I really must not have any bladder control right now, and embarrassed, I told Luke “I think I’m peeing myself-I need to hurry” haha! As I walked across my room to the bathroom a trail of water was being left behind, and a big gush came as I entered the bathroom! MY WATER BROKE!! Honestly this was one of the worst parts of my entire birth story. Over the next hour, the constant feeling of -I just peed myself- was SO uncomfortable to me, but I was glad my water broke on its own.

1pm: [6cm/90% effaced/ baby at -1] Contractions were strong but the epidural was on its way! I was naturally contracting, so they stopped my pitocin drip! 

Once the epidural was given, life got a whole lot easier! I was able to get some sleep and also spend some time talking to the intended parents. 

4pm: Nurse did another cervix check, unfortunately no progress, and my contractions started to slow down. So I was back on the pitocin & the waiting game continued. I was also given the Peanut Ball. This was amazing! Because the baby was still at a -1 and I hadn’t progressed, it was offered in order to help open up my pelvis while I was laying down. It was honestly super comfortable and did the trick!

6:15pm: I started feeling super sick. The Nausea was so bad, and I was starting to feel the contractions, they were definitely coming in fast, consistent, and strong! Since I had an epidural, they were manageable, and I decided to hold off on increasing my epidural dose. I tried sleeping to take the edge off the nausea.

6:45pm: EXTREME SHAKES & nausea. WOW! the shakes were awful! I could not stop shaking and shivering. Luke held my hand and was the best support person I could ever ask for, but I knew the end was close! The pressure during each contraction was so strong, and the nurse did a cervix check.

As she checked, she said “oh YEP he is right there!” I was 10 cm, 100% effaced, and the baby’s head was about to crown. She immediately called the Dr. in. 

7pm: Dr. Told me to push.  

PUSH 1: The baby’s head was half way out.

Dr. then proceeded to tell me to stop and wait. Wait because he wasn’t ready haha! He didn’t have his gloves or anything on yet because he didn’t realize just how close this baby was to coming! 

7:02pm: Dr told me to do a soft push and hold.

PUSH 2: The baby’s entire head was out followed by another soft push before his little body was born into the world! 


I was so blessed to have no tearing, just one “small scratch” the Dr. said haha! 

To be honest, I was not sure what to expect once the baby was born. Would he be put on my chest? Would he be taken away to be monitored, would the parents hold him right when he was born….there were so many questions that weren’t ever directly answered….but here it was, and every minute of the experience was perfect! 

The baby was placed on my chest, while they monitored his breathing. The parents also chose to get chord blood, so during that process the chord had to be intact, and not yet cut, another reason for placing baby with me. After about 10 min, the parents were able to cute the chord. The nurses got him cleaned up a bit and passed him off to the parents, who immediately did skin too skin. It was such a happy moment to see that little boy in his parents arms! 

Luke never left my side. He was a constant source of strength, holding my hand, and giving me the best words of encouragement!

His birth was better than I could have imagined. Although a different experience, compared to my birth with Henley (since I was induced), it was exactly what I had hoped it would be. 

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