Bathroom DIY

Since moving in to our new home, we had so many exciting ideas on how to “fix it up” on a budget! I am so excited to share the completion of our downstairs bathroom! We completed this project for under $200 and it completely changed the entire look of it! BEFORE: THE PROCESS: AFTER: Best part is adding those final details to make a room look complete! So happy with the final results! DETAILS: To save extra money, I shopped during sales! We got our light fixture for under $100 and rugs were 20% at Target when I was looking online! Don’t rush, wait for the sales! Bathroom paint colors- I chose two Benjamin Moore paint colors but got them color matched at Home Depot with Behr Paint! This saved us some money since Benjamin Moore is more pricey. Show your local Home Depot or Lowes these to get the color match! SHOP I have been on a thrifting spree since moving, and I found this amazing amber glass vase at Goodwill! I linked all the items plus a few similar vases below, along with some faux greenery!

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Current Skincare Routine: AM/PM

I have been searching for a skincare routine that works for me for what feels like years! I have finally felt like I have found the best mix of products + brands that have helped me gain confidence in my skin! I have tried all these products for about 3-6 months and can truly so they have worked for me and my skin! There are a mix of low budget and high budget products, but I have felt like my skin is worth the splurge + most of these products have lasted me at least 3 months! I want to do everything I can now to prevent pre-mature aging, and I can confidently say my skin has been happier than ever since being consistent and investing in my skincare! *this post is not sponsored but does contain affiliate links My AM Routine Rinse with Cold Water: I don’t wash my face in the mornings, because all the oils and skincare from the night before makes my skin so smooth! I typically just do a quick rinse with cold water to help tighten my pores and wake me up! Moisturize: I have tried A LOT of moisturizers, and let me tell you I am picky haha! I have loved Tula’s Day and Night Moistrizer but it does not have sunscreen in it. Use my girl Blake’s Tula Code for 15% off (blakehealey) I was gifted Skin Authority’s Age Defining Moisturizer and so far I am liking it. I have been using it about a week in the mornings because it has SPF in it! It has felt great on my skin and has worked well under my makeup. The price tag is a bit high, but it does have some other Age defying features in it that typical moisturizers don’t have! I am still in search of a middle price ranged face lotion that contains SPF! My fav site for clean beauty is Credo, so I will be testing several out from there soon! My PM Routine Wash: So honestly, I personally don’t think face wash plays a huge role in your skin care routine! Your face wash cleans your face from dirt & makeup then is completely rinsed off. It is not sitting or soaking into your skin. So with that said I will use any face wash or soap (but I do try and stay away from fragrances). I have used Tula, Skin Authority, Neutrogena, Burts Bees Baby body wash, Cetaphil, and they all do they job! I think saving money on a face wash in order to invest in skincare that soaks into your skin is the way to go! Retinol: Retinol is amazing to skin smoothing, plumbing, and reducing fine lines! I love using a retinol but am still in search of a clean beauty brand option post pregnancy! Oil Up: OIL IS LIFE! I am absolutely obsessed with this Peet Rivko Facial Oil. I tried several oils before this, and this one takes the cake! It does not me breakout and does not my any breakouts worse. They also sell a mini oil for only $10 if you guys wanted to test it out before buying the larger option! Eye Moisturizer: Under the eyes, around the eyes, under the eyebrows, and into my smile lines, this moisturizing lift cream is bomb! One tiny pump goes a long way, and although it is a higher price point the bottle lasts about 2.5 months! Skin Authority has some other products I am excited to try as well, and I will keep you guys updated!!

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Why Surrogacy

You know I never expected ever to be a surrogate, I never asked or sought out to be one, and the only time I ever had an experience with it was watching “Baby Mama” in high school, with my besties, cracking up because the experience seemed so out of my realm (pregnancy at all for that matter). BUT. 9 years, a husband, and a beautiful daughter later, here I am writing about an amazing experience I am now a part of. If you haven’t already head over to read my experience with the diagnosis of PCOS and what the specialist said was going to be a long road of possible infertility for me but God had a different plan HERE. Here’s a quick version: Luke and I were not trying to get pregnant at this time Early 2017 I was diagnosed with PCOS by a specialist. I was told I would probably need to go through infertility treatments to become pregnant. I dealt with a lot of anxiety & fear about it because the one thing I longed for was to become a mom. I started taking medication to force by body to have a cycle every month, which meant consistent pregnancy tests before taking the medication each month for safety precaution. This became routine and because of my diagnosis I never thought it would come back positive! Consistently going to church and felt the urge to get prayer. I did not say anything and the woman who prayed over me touched my belly and said don’t worry God will heal you. One month later I took my routine pregnancy test before taking my medication I WAS PREGNANT with our girl Henley 2018 Henley was born Early 2019 surrogacy became a part of my life’s path! And so it began. Becoming a surrogate was something that came up in conversation and i was then given the opportunity, if I wanted/ was interested. I was intrigued but still wasn’t sure! I had so many questions, and had to talk to Luke about it all! Well after a lot of consideration, we decided it was right for our family. To help another family have a child they couldn’t physically have themselves, it was such a beautiful opportunity for me! TO share my testimony and afterwards share my experience with those around me! Fast forward a few month… I was nervous and excited to begin the journey BUT because of my past diagnosis I was not looking forward to the medical clearance. I went in thinking the Dr would say there were cysts and that there wasn’t a chance this would work…. they did a routine ultrasound of my uterus and ovaries. I WAS SHOCKED The Doctor saw only healthy tissue along with no cysts. LIKE WHAT?! I knew I got pregnant, with Henley, because God healed my body, but to have the medical and physical proof my body was healed was seriously incredible! It made the surrogacy process such an easy decision! I felt like God healed me and with purpose! He provided me the ability to carry my own baby, and now i would help another family have a baby. Share the miracle God gave me to another deserving family! SO THE PROCESS BEGAN… I passed my background, psych test, and medical tests, and filled out a lot of paperwork! This brought us to the start of medication. In order to prepare my body for the embryo transfer, I have to start taking medication & doing injections of hormones. Typically your body does this naturally when you ovulate and then get pregnant, but in this process everything is very controlled in order for the transfer to go well and the process to have the best outcome for success (the embryo sticking and me becoming pregnant!) Follow along for all the updates as I go through this journey!

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Master Bedroom Makeover

Featuring our new Puffy Mattress

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Boston Outfit Details

Luke and I had so much fun in Boston & I had fun wearing outfits that didn’t get sticky hands or milk on them after one hour haha! All the outfit details and links below! YMI: Junior High Rise Frayed Ankle Jeans ZARA Skirt: Animal Print Ruffle Skort ZARA Skirt: Floral Similar ZARA Skirt: Floral Similar Melrose in the OC: White Cropped Jacket Crop Top: Nude Stretch (similar)

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